We did the user researches by interviewing both local people and international students in the area of Bloomington,  and most of the users are from Indiana Bloomington University.
The following are some insights we found in the researches:
  • Social activity in near location benefits the international student, as most of them don’t have cars.
  • The fact that transportation is not convenient in Bloomington obstructs international students’ wills of going out.
  • Treasure hunting and puzzle games is a good way of interacting with people.
  • International students would love to interact with their neighbors but don’t have a chance to do that.
  • Games involved problem solving is attractive and luring to both local people and international students.
  • People love to interact and social with their neighbors.
  • People want to know others in their community.
  • Playing games in winter is interesting.
  • Winter time is considered as a depressing time in Bloomington, IN, USA, during the whole year.
  • People have concerned about temperature if they play games in winter.