We conducted two more interviews with the community management company asking about questions about pools usage.

Here the question we had and answers we got:

Q: How long is the pool open for?

A: It is from the middle of May to the End of September.

Q: How many people participate and what kinds of events are there in summer?

A: For events they organized, the number of people participate in could go up to 40. Normally, it is between 10 to 20.

Q: Do you use the pool space after you close it for winter?

A: No, we will drain it and cover it during winter.

Q: Would you interesting in having the pool area used during the wintertime?

A: Not really. We don’t have the permit for winter and we cover that pool. Winter is so bad in here that we could not fill the pool with water .

Q: Are there concerns or issues with using it when there is no water in it?

A: Safety issue about people falling into the pool, liability and drainage.