Driving by the insights from the usability test, we learn that people like feedback when playing games. Thus, we redesign two new features of our concept – picture progress, multi-dimensional feedback.

Picture progress (photo taken by Xiying Wang)

Picture progress: besides the whole puzzle images on the wall of the pool, there will be another picture showing the progress. Users can know their progress when playing the puzzlehunt game. To know the progress is important for game player, because they need to know how close they are to the final goal. Also, a progress serves as a motivation for people to continue the game.

Multi-dimensional feedback: we redesign our vibration alert (which will be appear when people put the wrong piece of puzzle) to multi-dimensional feedback – vibration alert, text alert and audio alert. The rationale behind this new feature is that people sometimes need more than one feedback, and a multi-dimensional feedback makes sure that people are aware of their mistakes. This feature is drawn from our usability test.