User 1: international student comes from China

Background: male, master student in Indiana University Bloomington

1. How often do you attend a social event? 3 or 4 times. I focus on study so I have no time. I like to make friends, but I have no time!

2. Does location affect your social activity? Yes. Because I have no car. If someone can drive me, I will come. For example, I planned to go to see a movie yesterday. But I did sketch for my class instead.

3. What kind of activities do you attend currently? I go to bars 2-3 times a week when I’m available.

4. Are you willing to join the activities nearby? Sure!

5. Do you make friends from your community? Sure! I like to make friends although I will not knock the door to ask them.

6. Are you interested in knowing cultures? I’d love to know about American cultures.

7. What kind of game do you think is attractive? I have no idea.

8. What about treasure hunting or puzzle game? I like to solve problem, so I think puzzle game is very attractive. I’m interested in treasure hunting also!

9. Do you think taking part in a game in the swimming pool will be cool? I think it’s very interesting as long as my body does the same way. If I get enough food to support my body, I will definitely join the game.

10. Have you even participated in collaborative game? I have no clue. Oh, yes, I play card games, soccer, basketball.