Going to do user testing!

We team three kingdoms are now going to do usability tests!


A story of Simo Wong

In a depressing winter morning, Simo gets off his bed. “It’s just another typical winter day, ah…” Simo thinks.

But then, he finds something attractive in the pool when he looks out through the window. “What’s that!?” He talks to himself. He’s so curious that he wants to find out the answer…

When he gets to the pool, Simo sees a giant puzzle on the wall. Besides, he finds that everyone is shaking cell-phone towards the wall or to the ground…

He wants to have a try… then he asks someone and figures out how to play…

Let’s see what Simo gets:

He touches a piece of puzzle he wants on the wall. Then he shakes his phone towards that piece of puzzle. This is the way how people get pieces of puzzle. So the form of that puzzle piece is inside his phone.

He then, walks towards a shape on the floor and stands on the shape. Shakes again…He uses his phone to shake towards the floor.

Two pieces match! Bingo! Simo gets his first piece.

Sketching continues…

Our sketching process…

Chit Meng is sketching

Dan is sketching

Xiying is sketching

Sketches 01

Sketches 02

Sketches 03

Sketches 04

Sketches 05

Sketches, concept developing process

We then sketch…

The following pictures show our sketches at the beginning:

Sketch 01

Sketch 02

Sketch 03

Sketch 04

Sketch 05

Sketch 06


Core: to revitalize the winter pool into a social practice between international students and local community through puzzlehunt

Persona for the design

We design a persona who will represent the target group of our design – international students in Bloomington, Indiana.

Simo Wong, who is an international student in Indiana University Bloomington, just enters his first year of study in a master program. He comes from Beijing, China. He is 24 years old. He is new in town so he doesn’t have that much friends here. But he wants to experience American culture more and be friends with local people.

His classmates always have parties at bar downtown. But since he doesn’t have a car and interact with people at a bar doesn’t fit his culture background, he seldom attend those events. He would want to go if the events are near where he lives and more games are included in the events. For example, last week, he just went to one of his friends’ birthday party in the neighborhood. He played some card games with other people and had a lot of fun.

Experience design

We also did an experience design to experience puzzle games and treasure hunting games.

It’s fun to play!